At City Seeds Catering,
we make good food happen.

City Seeds Catering was launched to make a positive social impact in our community while celebrating our love for fresh, seasonal food.

Our new Express menu keeps things simple. We take our love for classic, homemade cuisine and bring it to your boardroom. Its a reminder that breakfast really does set the tone for the rest of your day and lunch is your time to re-charge.

Take a look at our menus and feel free to contact us about catering your next meeting, event or conference! | 410.563.5533

Our business is green. Skimping on the health of our future generations is just not our thing.

Absolutely everything we do is centered around hiring individuals who want to work in the kitchen, regardless of degrees or backgrounds. For us, fostering this opportunity feeds into Baltimore’s growing food ecosystem.

Email us at or call at 410.563.5533 about your next meeting, event or conference. We can also provide in-house cafe operations as well as a City Seeds kiosk. Bring City Seeds to your institution today.

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Humanim and City Seeds are always striving to connect great people with great jobs. Check out our current positions.

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